2nd-12th Grade Training Information

*** IMPORTANT: EBLI trainings are intended to provide educators with the necessary information and materials to teach students directly; they will not have permission to or be capable of teaching other educators how to teach EBLI. ***

EBLI in-person training for educators teaching 2nd-12th grade is available only to schools or districts who plan to train a minimum of 14 staff, provide follow up coaching for staff, and create an implementation plan with the EBLI team.

The EBLI Online Training is available for those training 1-13 people who teach 2nd grade and older with optional follow-up coaching.

Teachers in this training are taught how to infuse EBLI into their content area instruction, assisting students in improving their reading and spelling ability within grade level content. Trainees are taught how to be diagnostic and prescriptive in their delivery of EBLI and to individualize instruction within whole class settings. They will learn how to effectively and efficiently provide instruction to all students, from gifted to struggling readers. The goal is for all students to be able to reach their highest potential as readers, writers, and spellers and to be able to independently manage the grade level expectations across all content areas plus improve their performance on assessment measures such as NWEA, DIBELS, ACT, and any others that require reading and/or writing. Instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, spelling, sentence structure, writing, and proper formation of letters are included in the lessons. EBLI instruction is intended to be delivered whole class as well as in small groups or centers and 1:1 instruction.

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH)

Trainees have the option of earning SCECHs for the majority of EBLI trainings.  The cost to trainee is $10 and is due by check or credit card on Day 3 of training.

Recommended reading before training:

Why Our Children Can’t Read and What We Can Do About It by Diane McGuinness
How the Brain Learns to Read by David A. Sousa
The Teacher Who Couldn’t Read by John Corcoran

Who is the training for?

This 3-day EBLI training is for 2nd – 12th grade classroom teachers as well as for anyone that delivers remedial reading instruction (Title I, Special Education, RTI, Paraprofessionals, Tutors, and Remedial Reading classes or pull out).

What is included with the price of training?

  • 3 days of in-person training on EBLI strategies and instruction
  • EBLI Online Member’s Area (lifetime subscription)
  • Training Binder
    • lesson plan
    • additional centers and/or practice activities
    • stories with vocabulary to pre-teach
    • supplemental materials
    • directions on infusing EBLI into content area curriculum
  • Chicken Soup Book (one)
    • Grades 5-12 receive Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
    • Grades 2-4 receive Chicken Soup for the Kid’s Soul
  • EBLI Markers (30)
  • EBLI bag (one)
  • EBLI poster (one)
  • 12 x 18 inch whiteboard (one)
  • Small eraser (one)
  • Coffee, water, small snacks

What is NOT included with the price of training?

  • Trainees are responsible for their own meals and travel expenses
  • Books for students to read
  • Classroom set of whiteboards
    • Each student needs a 12 x 18 inch whiteboard. You can get inexpensive whiteboards by going to a home improvement store and getting large sheets of showerboard cut into 12 x 18 inch blocks. Often stores will donate boards to teachers.
    • Boards should be ready for students by the first day back after EBLI training.
  • Classroom set of erasers
    • You can order from dryerase.com or use pom poms, fingers from mittens, tissue, socks, etc.
      • Use code EBLI10 to receive 10% off orders over $99
  • Additional markers
    • We recommend 10 markers per student per year.
    • We recommend markers from dryerase.com
      • Use code EBLI10 to receive 10% off orders over $99

After the training:

On-site coaching is mandatory for this 3-day training. A certified EBLI trainer comes to your site to work with trainees in their educational setting. Implementing EBLI is a process that becomes automatic over time; coaching teachers in refining their practice at delivering literacy instruction is a powerful component of EBLI. Our in-person and on-line coaching are integral parts of EBLI that assist educators so they can easily infuse EBLI strategies and activities in reading, spelling, and writing instruction across the curriculum. To learn more about onsite coaching, click here to read the Training FAQs.

Additional EBLI coaching can be purchased upon request.

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