Sight Words Made Easy by EBLI

New Release: EBLI's 3rd App

by Nora Chahbazi

Do your students/child(ren) guess sight words or confuse words that look alike (i.e. of, off, for, from)? Do you want your learners to read faster and better understand what they read? If so, you’re going to want EBLI's newest literacy instruction app!

We are thrilled to introduce our 3rd app, Sight Words Made Easy by EBLI. This higher-level app teaches unique spellings in the English alphabetic code through instruction with sight words and homophones. All words are taught by sound. Get a sneak peek at the content in the 1 minute video below.

For the first time, we’re offering Sight Words Made Easy on iPhones as well as iPads. We recommend using a stylus for the handwriting, especially when using an iPhone.
Sight Words Made Easy is more advanced and contains instruction for learners of all ages and ability levels (up through adults). It is a great segue for new readers who have already learned the basics from Reading Adventures with Booker #1 EBLI Island and Reading Adventures with Booker #2 EBLI Space.

With Sight Words Made Easy instruction, regular and irregular words are taught by sound through research-based reading activities that contain the revolutionary EBLI instructional methodology. Parents and teachers will find that EBLI’s multi-sensory activities and games will greatly accelerate the learner’s acquisition of accurate reading, handwriting, and spelling.

Each of the 2 main activities have dozens of word sets and 3 levels of instruction: foundational, intermediate, and advanced.

Here are the skills contained in the instruction:

+Segmenting: pulling sounds apart
+Blending: pushing sounds together
+Phonics Instruction: matching sounds with the letter(s) that represent them
+Peterson Handwriting: correct letter formation
+Fluency: reading smoothly with inflection
+Writing: spelling words correctly and using correct punctuation
+Homophone Instruction: correct spellings and definitions of words that sound the same but are spelled differently

+Sight Words: reading words accurately by sound

Analytics are built in so that student progress can be followed by teachers or parents. Motivational reinforcement is included with shooting stars and other fun incentives. Students will unlock the cool backgrounds as they progress through the app.

Click here to get to Sight Words Made Easy by EBLI in the Apple App Store. An unlimited number of students can sign in on one iPad or iPhone to use the app.
Please comment below to let us know how your students or child(ren) do with the app and share any feedback you have. Enjoy, and happy EBLI-ing!


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