Dyslexic No More

An interview with a former dyslexic and her mom, a teacher, who searched until she found the answer to help her

by Nora Chahbazi

 "I believed in myself again and I didn’t feel broken anymore."
Hailey Crick
This interview impacted me profoundly, and I already knew most of the story. Wendy and Hailey openly and candidly share their journey from Hailey's dyslexia diagnosis in 3rd grade to her delight when, after about 15 hours of instruction, she learned to read in 6th grade. This interview is a gift to all of us with an interest in or passion for literacy. Prepare to be deeply moved!

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"I couldn’t read – I thought I couldn’t read. I thought I was dumb."
Hailey Crick

"I thought, you know what, this is not about the kids. This is about the system. This is about the system in which I work. These kids, like Hailey, can carry on conversations. They are totally intelligent, amazing little beings. And yet they can’t read."
Wendy Crick

"They did a lot of in-depth testing, and at the end of the day they took a burlap piece of cloth and unraveled it and pulled out two pieces of string and proceeded to tell me that I was missing something. My brain wasn’t designed or developed like everyone else’s. There was something missing; a part of me that was missing. And that’s why I couldn’t read."
Hailey Crick

"I know personally, once I learned the EBLI strategies, I had a mental list of all the children who I never could teach how to read better. … And I’d like to say, ‘Come back. I figured it out. I have a way to teach you and we can do it quickly.' "
Wendy Crick

For more on their story, check out Wendy's book From Learning Disabled to Enabled.

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