The EBLI Family Tree

by Nora Chahbazi

Welcome to the brand new EBLI blog! The EBLI team has put a lot of time and effort into planning the blog launch, and we’re thrilled that you're here.

For the inaugural post, we decided to highlight the EBLI staff and how we all wound up working together. I get the biggest kick out of the entertaining timeline video – lovingly named the “EBLI Family Tree” – that was created for the occasion by Peter, our talented Tech Guru. It is humorous, informational, and unique. It perfectly captures the zany story of how each of our passionate, motivated, loving, and talented staff members arrived here at EBLI.

All who work at EBLI headquarters arrived by an atypical path; no one got here through resumes or applications. The video highlights the connections and serendipitous occurrences that mapped the route. Oh and as a side note: when you watch the video, be sure to look out for the flying salmon (one of my personal favorites) and see if there is anyone you recognize in the many photographs that span from 1967 – today.

I am honored to consider every person in this video a part of my family. Some of them actually are blood relatives! We're on such an amazing and often unbelievable wild ride. Taking this journey together, along with the plethora of dedicated literacy warriors we continue to pick up along the way, makes it all the more powerful and enjoyable.

We invite you to join us! This journey is invigorating and full of exciting stories that we love to share. That’s why we’ll be publishing a new blog post monthly. If you have not done so already, sign up for our EBLI mailing list to have the posts delivered right to your inbox.

We would really love to hear from you. Comment below to share your EBLI connection, or post questions that you have about EBLI. When did you join the EBLI family and how did you learn about EBLI? Has EBLI impacted your life? If so, how? Sharing pictures and videos is also encouraged.

THANK YOU for being an integral part of our mission to Teach the World to Read. Together, anything is possible!

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  1. Love the blog video! How connections are made and businesses built is intriguing and inspiring, you never know what will come from a simple conversation or action. I can't remember exactly how I came across EBLI other than hearing various small bits of mentions here and there by individuals who had been hearing about EBLI, no one had any real experience with it--just that they kept hearing about it. I pay attention when I hear repeated words, names, ideas, etc. so I googled EBLI, continued to visit the website, reading the research and began asking questions. The biggest turning point for me was after I read Wendy Crick's book, From Learning Disabled to Enabled, and had lengthy conversations with her via email and phone. She wasn't a staff member, she was an outsider with many years experience behind her and she continues to seek ways to fund trainings in her district because of the success kids are having. After that, I asked my brother-in-law who is a principal in Lakeview if he'd heard of it and he & several of his staff shared their success stories, elementary through high school. The patience of Nora and Cricket with my many questions and their openness and infectious enthusiasm led me to the decision to get trained. It was not easy to convince my school to fund the training but I am VERY grateful that they did! My students' families are also very grateful, EBLI has been an integral part of my students success this year! Thanks EBLI!!

  2. Debra Sugiyama

    Made me smile today. Graphics are so fun while you're sharing your family. Look at all the lives you are touching....what is better than that! Everyone needs EBLI!

  3. Wendy Miller

    LOVED the timeline and learning about how everyone has become a part of the EBLI family. I sat in my first training, with Nora and Cricket, back in 2006. Memories come and go but I can still remember the room we were in and the feeling of awe and excitement that filled my heart every day of the training. I have been using EBLI, prompting EBLI and seeing the tremendous rewards of using EBLI for over 9 years now. It has changed the lives of so many and I feel VERY blessed to have EBLI and the EBLI family in my life!!

  4. Lynne Zimmer

    What a wonderful story! Nora you are such a inspiration to us all. Thanks to all of you and your staff's hard work many children and adults have learned to read. I have used EBLI since 2000. Couldn't have done it without you guys. I am grateful every day for you. Thanks again. Lynne Zimmer

  5. Lara Massey

    Loved seeing the timeline and how you are all family. Each of you have touched myself and Olivia in so many remarkable ways. It is always hard, as a parent, to see your child struggling in school and knowing they are capable of so much more. With the tools Hannah and Nora have given Olivia she is confident and excited to go to school and is growing in knowledge by leaps and bounds. Thank you all for sharing this program and shaping lives in such a miraculous way!

  6. Blake McDonald

    Nora is one of the most loving people I know. I went through her program when I was in elementary school and she helped improve my grades and learning abilities. Anyone who is able to go through training with her should consider themselves fortunate to have met such a great teacher. To this day I am still in contact with her and my mom (LouCyndra) now works with her and helps her with her pursuit to help anyone who was literacy problems, whether they are a kid or an adult. I can't say enough about how she and the whole EBLI team have helped all the many people out there.

  7. Nora Chahbazi

    What kind, loving, and uplifting comments! Thank you so much to all of you who have shared so far. Your words make my heart sing and are so invigorating. Please know how much they are appreciated and that they serve to further stoke the fire for all of us here at EBLI, helping us forge ahead with renewed energy!

  8. Tony Campbell

    There is no finer task than teaching the world to read. Great courage and even greater vision for EBLI

  9. Paula Dirkes

    Nora - I loved the EBLI family video! Every workplace should be as loving and supportive as yours, and every purpose be so inspired!

  10. Stacey Keeler

    The timeline is great!! My EBLI story began in 2012. I have attended so many literacy conferences, trainings, and have my masters degree in literacy. With all of this education and experience I was still lacking what I needed......then I found EBLI. I was in awe every minute of the training. It made SO much sense! Why hadn't anyone taught this to me? Needless to say, I was hooked. It is such a joy to be an EBLI teacher because there is nothing like seeing the beautiful transformation that happens when someone learns to read. Thanks EBLI family, for being the amazing people you are!

  11. Jill Weber

    It is so interesting how people come into our lives. The EBLI family story is beautiful! EBLI and Nora came into my life in 2011. I didn't realize it then, how much EBLI would become a huge part of my life. My sweet daughter, Madelyn, went to the Ounce of Prevention reading center in 2012. She has become a fabulous reader that has read every single book in the house! Day in and day out I use EBLI, help support EBLI teachers, and promote EBLI. Why? Because it works. Because it makes sense. Because it was the answer I was looking for to help struggling readers. Because it helps teachers who have been struggling with how to teach students to read to their highest potential. Because it changes lives. I am excited to see how EBLI will continue to help and change the way teachers and students feel about and approach reading. Thank you Nora and the whole EBLI team for continuing to do what you do to teach the world to read!


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