EBLI and Nelson Lauver

Nelson visited EBLI at the Ounce of Prevention Reading Center with hopes of correcting and eliminating his dyslexic tendencies. The results were/are amazing. We hope that you will share this story with your fellow educators, friends, and families. Visit theamericanstoryteller.com for more information about Nelson and his personal story beyond his work with EBLI.

Nelson had previously worked with EBLI on this video, providing the voice behind the illustrative magic describing some of the ways that EBLI works. In a matter of a few years time, EBLI and Nelson were putting the methods described in that video to work... on Nelson himself!

Both Nelson and EBLI are pleased with the gains and success that were achieved during his visit at the Ounce of Prevention Reading Center. The American Story Teller will now, and always, have an answer for the question that stuck with him for so many years, (how do we teach kids to read?) providing him with the ability to better serve the audiences that he speaks to and helps across the nation.

Nelson also was kind enough to recite one of our sound poems, too!