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Online Training/PD General Information


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What is EBLI?

EBLI (Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction) is a comprehensive system of instruction that provides teachers with the research-based theory, skills, concepts, and practice to effectively and efficiently teach students how to read, write, and spell correctly and adeptly. EBLI provides systematic, explicit, multi-sensory, sequential instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, writing, and handwriting with guided practice and focused error correction. EBLI training includes highly engaging lessons as well as instruction and materials to infuse the strategies and activities across the curriculum, ensuring that all students are interactively learning in ways that enhance their literacy ability and performance.

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You can learn more about EBLI from:

What is the EBLI Online Training?

EBLI has partnered with Marygrove College to provide our revolutionary teacher training, taught in-person to thousands of teachers since 2003, in an online setting. The EBLI Online Training is a 7-week course that provides the same background, assessment, and theory provided in an in-person training, but expands to include a bridge to practice with student instruction each week. Trainees are able to immediately implement activities that deliver the research-based EBLI skills, concepts and information they are learning in the training with their student(s). These activities can be infused into any literacy program and across the curriculum.

Who is the EBLI Online Training for?

2nd–8th Grade Classroom Teachers
K–adult Remediation Instructors (Special Education, RtI, Title 1, Tutors, Homeschool Parents, Parents, Volunteers)

IMPORTANT: This course is primarily taught through video instruction and practical application (teaching student(s) in a classroom). Course participants must have access to students in a 1 on 1, small group, or whole class teaching environment for the duration of the 7-week course.

The in-person EBLI Trainings for other grade levels will still be offered as their Online Training versions are being built. Click here for registration information.
All training for 2nd - 8th grade teachers and K - adult remediation instruction is online.

What are the contents and layout of the EBLI Online Training?


The course contains video instruction from EBLI Founder Nora Chahbazi. Click here for a visual snap shot of the course.


Along with theory and assessment, instruction includes the research-based EBLI system of activities and strategies delivered through non-rules based systematic, explicit, sequential instruction and application of:

  • Phonemic awareness and phonics through the letter/sound relationship
  • Concepts, patterns, and tendencies unique to the English language.
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Spelling
  • Handwriting
  • Writing
  • Theory
  • Assessment

Instruction is multi-sensory as well as diagnostic and prescriptive with an emphasis on accuracy, engagement, and application. This course includes instruction in how to infuse activities and strategies cross curricular within all subject areas that require reading, writing, and spelling.
Course participants will learn to teach EBLI strategies to students in any instructional setting (1 on 1, small group, whole class).

How much time should be dedicated to the EBLI Online Training?

Time Commitment: 7 weeks, 5 - 10 hours per week (half online, half teaching students)

Some weeks have more videos and activities than others. Please see each week's minimum general timeframe below for planning purposes. We advise building in additional time for quizzes, discussion board responses, facilitator questions, and additional practice with students. Module 1 can take more time since trainees are acclimating to Blackboard.

Module 1

4 - 5 hours

Module 2

3.5 - 4.5 hours

Module 3

4.5 - 5.5 hours

Module 4

4 - 5 hours

Module 5

4.5 - 5.5 hours

Module 6

3 - 4 hours

Module 7

2 - 3 hours

Tell me about Professional Development time for this training.

It is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that educators be given ½ day of Professional Development time for each of the 7 weeks.

If PD time is not provided by the district, the online portion of the training must be done on the trainees time and instruction with students must be done during the school day.

Staff collaboration and group learning is also highly encouraged. It is beneficial for a group to go through a module, have discussions, and practice together.

Payment and Registration

What is the cost of the EBLI Online Training?


**Previously EBLI-trained individuals receive 25% off**

Along with the training, this includes (upon successful completion of the course):

  • EBLI Certificate
  • EBLI E-book, which includes:
    • Lesson plans
    • Lesson planning templates
    • Activity scripts
    • Support materials
    • Word lists
    • Thousands of EBLI-ized words
  • Lifetime Access to the EBLI Online Member’s Area, which includes:
    • Hundreds of instructional videos (including many from the course)
    • Support documents and resources
  • Access to optional EBLI Coaching

Payment is due on or before the first day of the course. Credit card payments can be made online via emailed invoice, or over the phone at 810-732-4810. Checks can be mailed to:

Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI)
6015 W. Pierson Rd. – Ste. 1
Flushing, MI 48433

How do I sign up for the EBLI Online Training?

Click here for online training dates and registration. Each trainee should fill out the registration form using an email address that they check often.

If multiple people are registering from the same district/organization, each trainee should fill out their own online registration form. Please type a note in the comments section of the first registration form with information about how many people are registering from the district/organization.

How do I sign up for SCECHs and/or graduate credit for my EBLI Online Training?


SCECHs are available for Michigan residents only. 60 SCECHs are offered for this training. There is an additional $25 fee for SCECHs. Trainees that choose SCECHs on their registration form will receive SCECH details from Marygrove a few weeks into training.
Graduate Credit
Trainees can opt to receive 1 graduate credit from Marygrove College for completing the EBLI Online Training. There is an additional $199 fee which will be invoiced separately and directly to the trainee.

What is the Cancellation Policy?

  • 50% refund of the training fee if trainee withdraws before the end of the first week of the course.
  • 25% refund of the training fee if trainee withdraws before the end of the second week.
  • No refund if trainee withdraws after the end of the second week.

Materials and Access

What materials will I need?

Course participants will be required to print materials (up to 50 pages) each week.  In addition, they will need the following before beginning the course:

  • Binder – 1.5 in
  • Binder Tabs – minimum 21
  • Whiteboard (12 x 18 inches) – one for instructor and each student
    • Recommendation: purchase a sheet of shower board or melamine from a home improvement store and have it cut into 12 x 18 inch rectangles
  • Dry Erase Marker – one for instructor and each student
  • Eraser – one for instructor and each student
    • Recommendation: use tissue, old socks, fingers from gloves, pom poms, felt cut into squares, or purchase mini eraser from The Markerboard People
  • Manila Folder – two for each student
  • Sticky Chart Paper – one pad – 25 x 30 in

Can I purchase the printed materials?

Yes. Trainees have the option to purchase a binder of the printed materials when they register for an additional fee. The price of the binder is $149, and shipping is free.

**Important Note** Binder and binder tabs are included. Whiteboards, dry erase markers, erasers, manila folders, and sticky chart paper are not included.

Can information from the EBLI Online Training be shared with others?

No. Everyone who takes the training signs a contract before gaining access to the course, agreeing to use the materials and information only for them and the students they teach.

How and when is access to the EBLI Online Training granted?

The EBLI Online Training is hosted on the Marygrove Blackboard website. After registering, trainees receive log-in information in an email from Marygrove.
If log-in information is not received within a week of filling out online registration form, please call EBLI Headquarters at 810-732-4810 for further instructions.

Access to the course is granted one week before the official start date and is removed at the conclusion of the course.

Can trainees begin the EBLI Online Training early?

Yes, and this is highly recommended. This allows for trainees to print and organize materials and student instruction materials, get acquainted with the Marygrove Blackboard website, and begin the course. Trainees can begin the course and submit assignments before the official start date.

Each EBLI Online Training is added to the Marygrove Blackboard website about a week before the official start date. As soon as trainee has log-in information, they can access the course and begin working through it.

Does it matter if I’m in a different time zone?

That is not an issue. Trainees choose which times they work through the course. The facilitator will have set ‘virtual office hours’ for trainees to connect and ask questions. These will be scheduled to accommodate EST through PT time zones. Different office hour time can be scheduled for trainees in other countries.

Pacing and Assignments

What types of assignments are included and how are they graded?


There are four types of assignments in the training:

  1. Discussion Board Participation – Trainees will answer required discussion questions and respond to others
  2. Quizzes – Trainees will take three quizzes per module
  3. Practice Worksheets - Trainees are given extra practice for some of the activities
  4. Application – Trainees are expected to experience the instruction as if they were learning to read, and implement the instruction with their own students through structured practice sessions. This training happens through:

Emergent reader instruction

    1. Trainees go through the student instruction videos of each activity as if they (the trainees) themselves are the students in Nora’s classroom as she teaches each activity to a classroom, small group, or 1:1.
    2. Some modules/activities have practice worksheets for the trainee to do to practice and reinforce the skills, concepts, and information they learned. This allows the trainee to experience the activity as well as know about it.

Structured practice sessions

    1. When introducing each activity for the first time, trainees will show the Student Instruction video to their student(s).
    2. Later the same day or later in the week, they will teach this activity to their student(s) using different words that are provided and do a reflection activity after.


    1. One final assignment requires the trainee to tape their instruction with student(s), review the video, write up a short reflection, and submit it to the facilitator for feedback.


The course and assignments are graded as pass/fail. The facilitator will provide feedback and further assistance as needed in order for trainees to become proficient in learning and teaching all the activities.

Can the course be completed at one's own pace?

It is not required that assignments be turned in by the listed due dates; the due dates are suggestions to keep trainees on track to complete the course in time. Trainees may choose to complete the course at whatever pace works for them.

However, all assignments must be turned in by the end of the 7-week course in order for trainee to receive a ‘pass’ grade.

What if I don't complete all of the assignments?

IMPORTANT: For trainee to pass the course, all assignments must be turned in by the end of week 7. If any assignments are not turned in by the end of week 7, trainee will fail the course.

**Trainees who pass the course will receive the following and trainees who do not pass the course will not receive the following:

  • EBLI Certificate
  • EBLI E-book, which includes:
    • Lesson Plans
    • Lesson planning templates
    • Activity scripts
    • Support materials
    • Word lists
    • Thousands of EBLI-ized words
  • Lifetime Access to the EBLI Online Member's Area, which includes:
    • Hundreds of instructional videos (including many from the course)
    • Support documents and resources
  • Access to optional EBLI Coaching

Trainees must inform their facilitator when personal circumstances prevent on-time submission of work. Facilitators offer flexibility and will work with students in such circumstances.

After Training

What happens after successful completion of the EBLI Online Training?

EBLI Certification

Once a trainee has successfully turned in all assignments by the end of the 7-week course, they will receive a passing grade. Those who pass will receive the following via email:

  • EBLI Certificate
  • EBLI E-book, which includes:
    • Lesson plans
    • Lesson planning templates
    • Activity scripts
    • Support materials
    • Word lists
    • Thousands of EBLI-ized words
  • Lifetime Access to the EBLI Online Member’s Area, which includes:
    • Hundreds of instructional videos (including many from the course)
    • Support documents and resources
  • Access to optional EBLI Coaching

Trainees should use these resources to continue teaching EBLI within any reading, writing, and spelling instruction.

Tell me about follow-up Instructional Coaching.

The optional coaching with EBLI staff is extremely powerful because it gives trainees a chance to get feedback while teaching EBLI with their own students.

Click here to see coaching options available to EBLI-trained individuals.

I have more questions – who should I contact?

Please feel free to contact us at EBLI Headquarters with any additional questions: