Amazing EBLI Schools - Part 2

PACE Academy: From Concept to Reality

by Nora Chahbazi

Welcome to the second installment in our four-part series about amazing EBLI schools.  (Missed Part 1 about Beach Elementary?  Click here to check it out.)  This week for Part 2, we're featuring  PACE Academy, a K - 8 charter school.  Be sure to sign up for our mailing list to have these posts delivered straight to your inbox.


A few of the PACE Academy staff first heard about EBLI at a conference and were intrigued by the great student results in other schools.  They trained a few teachers to see if they could replicate these results and quickly found out they could. The PACE administrators then moved forward with a clear plan to train all teachers for one grade level at a time. They started with all Kindergarten teachers, then a few months later trained the 1st grade staff.  Soon after that they sent 2nd and 3rd grade. Before long they plan to have all grade levels trained.

Darah Griffin and Dawn Rezin, PACE administrators, were integral in making their implementation plan and supporting teachers throughout the process. In their video they talk about their purposeful plan, how EBLI is different from other reading instruction, how EBLI individualizes instruction, and what their students and teachers think about EBLI. There is also a lot of great footage of EBLI instruction in action in the PACE classrooms.

I recently spent the day at PACE, teaching in the EBLI trained classrooms to get video footage (used to support EBLI trained teachers). The students were automatic with the EBLI process and most were already accurate readers and writers - even the Kindergarten students. PACE is a fantastic school to visit if you are interested in seeing EBLI in action and seeing what these little ones are capable of doing. The energy and enthusiasm of the students and staff is contagious; I didn't want to leave!


What questions would you ask Darah or Dawn? What are you curious about from their video? If you teach EBLI or have been exposed to it as an educator, parent, or student what has been unique about your experience? What would you tell others interested in getting trained in EBLI? Our mission to teach the world to read requires a legion of literacy warriors; we can't do it without you!  Share your questions and thoughts in the comments below. I'm always curious about what you think and am thrilled to get feedback. I look forward to personally answering your questions.

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As always, THANK YOU for being an integral part of our mission to Teach the World to Read. Together, anything is possible!

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