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*** IMPORTANT: EBLI trainings are intended to provide educators with the necessary information and materials to teach students directly; they will not have permission to or be capable of teaching other educators how to teach EBLI. ***

The EBLI lessons are the BEGINNING of EBLI instruction. Implementing it in your everyday instruction is where the rubber really hits the road! We have been getting rave reviews about this training and receiving requests for an open training so we’re happy to offer this opportunity.
In this training you will brush up on the EBLI activities that should be used in everyday instruction and learn new ones.

Material covered:

• EBLI Authentic Lesson (Multi-syllable Spelling, Split Word Reading, Read, Read Back, Summarizing with sentence competition)
• Listen, Tally, Say, and Write with spelling and vocabulary
• Vocabulary graphic organizer
• Vocabulary expansion game
• Give It a Try Spelling
• Writing
• Assessment

You will receive a weekly plan for implementing your spelling words as well as a weekly plan for implementation of EBLI after the EBLI Lessons Plans are finished.

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