Feedback from EBLI Trainees

Read what EBLI trainees shared about their EBLI training experiences:


"Thank you so much! Rarely have I found myself so inspired and motivated by professional development."

"Your teaching style is delightful and your content invaluable. Thank you for sharing your passion and expertise."

"Thank you very much! This was one of the most powerful trainings I have ever participated in. It is a game changer."

"This is hands down the best professional development I've ever attended. I'm extremely excited to go back and share this code with my students."

"This is such an important mind shift in instruction that will work especially with our most at-risk readers."

"Everything was useful, but thank you especially for the lesson plans!"

"This is the first PD/training where I am walking out with numerous techniques/activities to use with my students. The hands-on experience was incredible. I’m so excited to get in the classroom to teach EBLI."

"This is a logical way to help anyone be a successful reader and writer. It creates an inner feeling of great joy and happiness for an easier, more successful life. One less thing to worry about!"

"I finally found a program that helps me teach reading, spelling, and writing. I am truly excited and motivated."

"As a whole the program is great and amazing, especially learning how to break down words into sounds that are heard, not letter names."

"I only wish that all college level education courses taught this."

"It was useful to relearn the alphabet based on sounds and not letter names, how to teach the methodology, and more efficient spelling techniques."

"Outstanding training! I am impressed and excited about the prospect of helping students. It was hard to provide criticism because everything presented was so logical and practical."

"This was the best professional development I’ve had in a long time. I loved that we had to practice how to teach it, because I will feel more comfortable using it in class."

"This will change my entire literacy instruction."

"The hands on practice as students and as a teacher was very useful."

"This is a whole new way to think about reading. There were so many times that I did not know if I was teaching reading properly before, but now I feel so much more confident."

"I loved the use of whiteboards for writing sentences before using paper. I loved how this enables the teacher to make instant corrections without ending up with messy papers."

"I’m so happy to know how to teach reading and how to integrate EBLI into the rest of our instruction."

"The training outlined how to successfully teach someone to read in a short amount of time."

"I am feeling empowered knowing that there will be support after the training concludes. It is now my turn to pay it forward."

"This is a set of strategies that can be used with any level reader. It is practical and it will help me as a teacher to give my students practical instruction that will help them become better readers, writers, and spellers."

"This training has made me question everything about my philosophy in teaching. This pushed me to my limits. I will use all of this in my classroom."

"It is a shame that more educators are not trained in EBLI. I am excited to share this with my students and families."

"This is the only professional development/training I’ve had since 1986 that has been beneficial. I’m sad it’s come to an end!"

"This has sparked a new passion to teach kids to read!"

"This is an effective way to teach some skills that have been neglected in education."

"Thank you for the personable and helpful facilitators."

"Everything was extremely eye-opening for me. I have never been so inspired and excited to teach. This makes sense – finally!"

"EBLI is going to change my life, my daughter’s life, and all of the children I will get to teach."

"This will help me in my role as a paraprofessional. I now have specific strategies for working with my small groups of students."

"I have been waiting for something for my struggling readers and I love that this will benefit all of my students."

"I have been in education for 12 years and this has been the most useful literacy workshop ever."

"Re-training my brain to listen to the sounds in words as I say them and recognizing the variations of spellings for sounds was very useful."

"I love EBLI and wish it would have been around when I was learning how to read because I was once a struggling reader."

"I found the extra practice with the activities extremely helpful. Also, I am relieved to leave with so many resources to continue learning and to reference as I work on EBLI strategies."

"This is the first PD that I have attended that I will use for the rest of my teaching career. It makes sense. I saw improvement within myself from the training!"

"The lesson plan organization will be so helpful."

"You have opened my mind to a new way of learning. I can’t wait to start using this!"

"This allows me to start doing what I was hired to do!"

"I feel as if my career is about to make a huge turn. This training has been eye-opening and career-changing. Thank you!"

"Making the teachers practice teaching the concepts is very powerful."

"I leave this training feeling adequately prepared to teach these strategies to my students. I cannot wait to begin exposing my class to EBLI."

"I loved the training binder, the lesson plans, the hands-on learning, and of course the passion of the presenter and her team!"

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