Appreciation from Parents, Teachers, and Administrators


"I just finished my second night of parent/teacher conferences, and I could not leave without sending this email out. Tonight I teared up after the last mom walked out. I have been a teacher for 17 years. Never have I sat through conferences and heard over and over "whatever you are doing this year, it's great," or "she is a completely different kid from kindergarten," or "that thing you are doing with the sounds is really working," or "before 1st grade reading caused tears. Now he want to pick up a book on his own. Every child (other than the student in our categorical ASD classroom) is now reading at grade level! I cannot even believe that is coming out of my mouth. My hope was by the end of the year. Never did I think it would happen in 9 weeks. I have never enjoyed conferences more. It was so fun to talk about the growth kids are making and celebrate successes with parents. I wasn't handing out sight word lists, or reading strategy bookmarks. They have their tools! They have their whiteboards for home. Every parent had nothing but positive things to say about EBLI. Actually, several said they wished their older son or daughter had it, two even said their 1st grader was writing better than their older child. -- Holly Mueller, 1st grade teacher

"EBLI is the answer to many literacy problems in schools today. Working with a 7th grade student (reading at a 1st grade level), teaching him the EBLI concepts, he turned to me with tears in his eyes and said "No one has ever taught me this before. It makes so much sense". That was the answer I was looking for, without really knowing I was looking for it." -- Jill Weber, Reading Intervention Specialist - Grand Valley State University

"Our teachers have renewed enthusiasm and confidence as reading teachers. I think students and teachers alike are so happy with EBLI because it makes sense and the activities are interesting, engaging, and fun!" -- Stacey Keeler, ELA Curriculum and Instruction - GEE

"My boys are now fighting over the IPad because they want to use the EBLI app. It’s great for my four year old for letter and sound recognition and emergent writing (as well as fine motor skills more generally), and my 7 year old seems to enjoy it even though he knows all the words. The writing is GREAT for him as he doesn’t write some letters properly and this is good practice." - Amy Checkoway, Parent

"Last hour, my largest class (32 kids) when I asked them if they thought that the 3 days of EBLI had helped them in any way, all 32 raised their hands, even one girl who was sick all week and only had today's class to go by!  When I asked if anyone was willing to share, so many had stories and examples of how they were using the skills in other classes, how they are noticing on their Daily Reading Logs that they are reading more pages in the same amounts of time. The atmosphere and excitement is infectious! I coudn't be more pleased!" Becky Cronk, 9th grade Language Arts teacher - Cheboygan

"It has been amazing to see what my kindergarteners are capable of...even in the first few weeks of school! EBLI is providing them with the skills and practice they need to be successful readers, spellers, and writers. I am eager to see their progress throughout the year as we continue using EBLI daily in the classroom." - Alli Edema, Teacher - Excel Charter Academy

""LOVE this approach to teaching reading!  The added bonus is the kids love it too:)!  They are so excited to be sound detectives, discover sound spellings and apply it to reading and writing!." - Kimberly Hofstra, Teacher - Excel Charter Academy

"Our granddaughter made remarkable progress with just six hours of EBLI instruction. Witnessing her progress and attitude shift was truly an emotional and enlightening experience." - Karen K. Lewis

"Without EBLI, I'm not sure my son would ever have learned to read. Finally, in the 6th grade, we found EBLI. It's never too late!" - Danielle Baier

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